The St John’s Project

The St. John’s Project was created in 2008, and its foremost mission is to revivify the church of St. John to its former glory, keeping it alive for future generations.

The project is fast-growing and 100% voluntary, recruiting members from all corners of society: students, retirees, employed, unemployed, religious and secular. Seeking to become a hub for individuals and organisations around Chester, the SJP needs people who are active in understanding and conserving the local history.

The project also works to promote the urgent conservation and enhancement of Chester’s oldest church, engaging all elements of the community to establish links to other key heritage sites within the city.

We want the public to truly appreciate the intricate, fascinating history that St. John’s has to offer. Through the mediums of video, guided tours and historical re-enactments, the project has strived to enkindle the past, imbuing our visitors with a love for Chester’s history. The SJP endeavours to put St. Johns high on the list of Chester’s must-see tourist attractions.

One of the greatest things about this project is that anyone can get involved, whatever your speciality, as we operate from the community for the community. Actors, writers, marketers, product designers, etc. – there will be a way you can help.


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